Early dawn with Michael O'Donohue


Where it began, my collaboration with another photographer, and dear friend Michael O'Donohue in the early spring of 2017. We met online and I dare say it was divine cosmic gravity that brought us together. Michael is this kind of person who is constantly testing the limits of things. Not just the technical limits of the camera, but also in the way he obsesses with bouncing light off every surface imaginable seeing what its capable of morphing into. I call him the Light Magician. He is also a Wizard at editing. And not to overlook he is a Mad Genius on set, and prone to violent fits of laughter upon snaring the object under his playfully devised trap. Michael is rare talent/meets rare vision. And a trusted friend.  When we work together I feel my creativity bouncing off of his like a frenzied pinball machine over-loaded and trigger happy. 

We share a mutual love for Jeremy Geddes art. And experimental electronic music.