Crimson Blueberry Brush

Fall is my favorite season. The change in foliage signals a primal calling in me. Did I collect enough for Winter? Fear spikes into my blood and sends a thrill up my spine at the first drop in temperature. Fall is the season for Metamorphosis and that is exactly what I experienced in the Fall of 2016. A creative pulse quickened on the top of Jones Mountain in Harriman State Park just a little over an hour away from New York City. It was an oddly warm day. And a pleasant golden halo shrouded the granite mountain top. I felt a oneness with the nature around me and drank in every detail. Every crimson leaf, every shimmering bit of foliage floating in the warm air. I drank it all in like it was the first sip of water in days.


Playing in Fire-Hydrants with Miria-Sabina

In the early days of our friendship Miria and I adventured around Bushwick and made a big splash in a firehydrant. Our formative years today are founded on adventure and the magic we see in our surroundings. I’m nostalgic for the summer of 2017 when everything seemed ripe for the picking no matter where you walked.


Video Collaboration with Ashley G. Garner

A video project I styled flowers for is going to be part of an immersive experience on Canal Street with Wallplay this November. Photographer/Video Artist Ashley G. Garner had the following to say about ÆSTHESIA

“Planting the seeds for the future of digital art and wellness, ÆSTHESIA is a multi-sensory body of work conceptualized by Ashley G. Garner that explores the healing benefits of flowers through sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch.

Six flowers were selected that are heavily used in modern medical practices (Chamomile, Echinacea, Lavender, Marigold, Tiger Lily, Wild Rose). Videos filmed by Garner,  in collaboration with floral artist, e p h e m e r a,  create setting's for each flower to be in their own "world". Videos are paired with sounds recorded from the actual vibrations of each flower by musician, ALURIA. Scents designed by Smithsonian exhibited olfactory artist, Christopher Brosius, and rock candies with flora extract created by NYC chef, Tessa Liebman, expand upon the wholistic experience of each flower when presented in physical spaces”

Early dawn with Michael O'Donohue


Where it began, my collaboration with another photographer, and dear friend Michael O'Donohue in the early spring of 2017. We met online and I dare say it was divine cosmic gravity that brought us together. Michael is this kind of person who is constantly testing the limits of things. Not just the technical limits of the camera, but also in the way he obsesses with bouncing light off every surface imaginable seeing what its capable of morphing into. I call him the Light Magician. He is also a Wizard at editing. And not to overlook he is a Mad Genius on set, and prone to violent fits of laughter upon snaring the object under his playfully devised trap. Michael is rare talent/meets rare vision. And a trusted friend.  When we work together I feel my creativity bouncing off of his like a frenzied pinball machine over-loaded and trigger happy. 

We share a mutual love for Jeremy Geddes art. And experimental electronic music.