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Perhaps if I had never moved to a Metropolis far from the woods I grew up in I would have never realized the importance of nature in my life. I arrived at floral arranging after seeking solace in New York City’s botanical gardens, season after season, eagerly anticipating the next round of blooms to display. A mild curiosity grew into a passion and a new artistic means of expression.

Now, I am elated to share the joy of flowers with you be it for a spectacular event, photo-collaboration, or heart-felt gift. Bridal Bouquets for City Hall Weddings or a completely transformed Venue Hall and everything in between.

I have a mission to showcase flowers beyond their common representation so that they may 'escape the vase'. My floral design company Ephemera draws upon the other-worldly beauty of flowers. Informed by art history and the Old Master Painters of the Dutch Golden Era. Mused by the raw unyielding power of nature...

If you are seeking guidance to plan an occasion please do not hesitate with any questions. Let’s dream up something big together.

x o Nicole Absher

Event Design, Weddings, Weekly Accounts, Private Homes, Styling

Classes available upon request

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